Conveyor Systems from Wardcraft

Wardcraft Conveyor provides standard and custom conveying solutions for the manufacturing and material handling industries

Steel Hinge Conveyors

Steel hinge conveyors are crafted to handle heavy-duty applications. They permit continuous operation under even the most demanding conditions, minimizing downtime. Common uses for steel hinge conveyors include stampings, forgings, fasteners, die casting, recycling and scrap metal, as well as the removal of all types of metal chips. Learn more.

Magnetic Conveyors/Elevators

The Wardcraft Magna-Vayor® is an externally beltless conveyor product that utilizes strong magnet power to transport metal chips, scrap or parts. Learn more.

Gondola Dumpers

The Wardcraft Model “PV”, originally known as the Parts-Vayor® is a heavy duty conveyor that is primarily designed to move materials up an incline. It utilizes a cleated belt to maintain accurate control and separation of materials of any size and type. Learn more.

Scrap Conveyors and Separation Systems

Efficiently transfer metal scrap from stamping, die casting, laser cutting and machining operations with custom automated scrap separation systems from Wardcraft Conveyor. We design and manufacture our scrap separators for hostile industrial environments processing waste material. Learn more.

Quick Die Change Systems

Wardcraft’s patented Quick Die Change (QDC) systems drastically reduce the time and effort of switching dies, increasing the efficiency and quality of your stamping operations. Learn more.

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